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Inspired by the movie which starred Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. Howard Rollins and Caroll O'Connor are playing their respectively. Rollins plays Virgil Tibbs a detective from Philadelphia, who returns to his home of Sparta, Mississipi and is asked by a politician, who wants to use him as pawn to garner the black vote, if he wants to be the police department's Chief of Detectives. Of course, Bill Gillespie the Police Chief, who is played by O'Connor, has his reservations but somehow they learn to work together and quite well. Rollins who would have some problems, would not be there regularly, and would eventually be written off, as having his character become a lawyer and leave the police department. Gillespie would be removed as the Police Chief and would be replaced by Hampton Forbes, and would be named County Sheriff and would work with Forbes.

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The In The Heat of the Night TV series is based off the movie and novel of the same name. It ran for a total of 8 seasons and 150 episodes, and was a popular television series during its run (especially in the first couple of seasons).

In the Heat of the Night's premise is that of a relatively serious, police-based drama series. Each episode would deal with different issues, including drunk driving, homicide, racism among others. In the Heat of the Night starred Carroll O'Connor, Howard Rollins, Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson and others in an ensemble cast, as part of the Philadelphia police department.

In The Heat Of the Night started its run on the NBC Network in 1988 until 1992, and the series moved to the CBS Network from 1993 to 1995. During its run, In The Heat of the Night garnered a top viewership of 15+ million in its first 2 seasons, before falling out of the top 30 television shows by its third season. In the Heat of the Night enjoyed a revival in popularity in its sixth season, ranking 46th in television shows and getting a 10.6 million viewership for that season.

The main characters in the In the Heat of the Night TV series are Chief Bill Gillespie (played by Caroll O'Connor), and Captain Bubba Skinner, played by Alan Autry. The setting of In the Heat of the Night is that of a small town in the American South, and in each episode, the police team solves the crimes and hunts down the criminals that plague the town. Racism is a constant theme in each episode, and much screen time is also spent focusing on Bill Gillespie's personal life as well. In one of the most famous episodes of In the Heat of the Night, 'Road Kill', Gillespie investigates a case with elements such as adultery, murder and others twisted into 1 hour-long episode. In the Heat of the Night is a relatively complex police crime series that would be great watching for fans of television series of this genre.

Most of the appeal of the In the Heat of the Night television series lies largely in its outlandish, unembarrassed portrayal of the racism element in this generic American South town. Carroll O'Connor, who portrayed the lead character Bill Gillespie, also co-wrote many of the stories in the In the Heat of the Night TV series. While this series was based on the movie (which won the 1967 Oscar Award for Best Picture) and novel of the same name, the In the Heat of the Night television series expanded upon the content, and created a whole set of identifiable characters.

The consensus, however, is that In the Heat of the Night gradually went downhill after the first two seasons. The 4th and 5th seasons, in particular, suffered bad reviews and consequently led to In the Heat of the Night's fall in television rankings in those seasons.

Upon conclusion of the TV series, there were four In the Heat of the Night movies produced, with the names as follows: 'A Matter of Justice', 'Who was Geli Bendl', 'By Duty Bound', and 'Grow Old with Me'. These four movies were greatly welcome by the legions of In the Heat of the Night fans everywhere, and spurred a revival in popularity of In the Heat of the Night.

There are countless fan sites of In the Heat of the Night today, which is a testament to the enduring popularity of this TV series, as well as its original sources of inspiration (the novel and movie). Sparta, MS - the town used to film the In the Heat of the Night episodes - is still fondly remembered today for the memories it gave to countless hooked fans of the television series.

Today, you can grab all 8 seasons and 150 episodes of this classic television series, in one collector's edition In the Heat of the Night DVD Boxed set. You can relive the adventures of Bill Gillespie and his team from start to finish, and feel the magic of In the Heat of the Night - find out more about it now!

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